Friday, July 24, 2009

We did it!

We did it! We completed every letter of the alphabet. Some days there were tons of activity ideas, lots of fun foods to eat, and places to go. Other days we just did a few worksheets & a craft. My kids were really enthusiastic about it the first few weeks (while the letters were easy & there was lots to do). The middle third of the alphabet was challenging. We were all pretty burned out. After we came back from our vacation, the end was in sight.

It was a fun way for my 2nd grader to keep up some of his skills during the summer and my preschooler (who this whole project was geared around so that he could learn his letters) now recognizes letters on most everything he sees and he can write each of them fairly well. It was a lot of work for me but it gave us something structured to do during the long, hot, boring afternoons. This experiment just confirms to me that I am NOT cut out to do homeschooling, nor would my children's personalities and learning styles be conducive to that environment. I consider it a success, but I'm sure glad it's over and school is starting again!

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Monika said...

I am so glad you did this! It will help me be a better mom this year and use some of these ideas with my preschooler while the others are gone all day! Thanks!