Monday, June 22, 2009

Letter J

It's usually hard for me to keep track of what letter we're on during the day, because I'm either preparing stuff for upcoming letters or I'm writing blog posts about previous letters! But today was letter J.

Foods We Ate: (they were pretty sugared up by the end of the day - I can't believe there's no healthy food that starts with letter J)



Jelly beans


Other Foods Ideas:

Jack in the Box

Activities We Did:

Printable activity pages from links HERE

Preschooler practiced writing his upper & lowercase J

2nd grader wrote & illustrated a paragraph about the jungle

Craft - I couldn't find a craft online that I really liked so I just gave them pieces of construction paper we made jack o' lanterns!
Watched James & the Giant Peach movie

Our Monday family night we talked about Jesus & Jonah & sang songs that started with letter J (including Jingle Bells)

Other Topics/Outings:

Jenga game (it was in the plans for today, but never quite happened)

Jack & Jill

Jack & the Beanstalk



Jellyfish (I saw a great craft idea to use 1/2 paper plate and some crepe paper streamers for the tentacles, but I didn't have any)

Other J Movies:

Jay Jay the Jet Plane

Jimmy Neutron

JoJo's Circus

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